Secretarial Audit & Compliance audits

Secretarial Audit is an effective mechanism to make sure of the compliance with the legal and procedural requirements. We provide both Secretarial Audit & Compliance audits services to ensure that your business runs in a very smoothly & lawful manner.

Secretarial Audit & Compliance audits

Objectives of Compliance audits & Secretarial Audit

The objectives of Secretarial Audit are mentioned below as follows:

  1. To verify & report on compliances of applicable laws and Secretarial Standards;
  2. To point out non-compliances and inadequate compliances;
  3. To protect the interest of various stakeholders i.e. the customers, employees, society etc;
  4. To avoid any unwarranted legal actions/penalties by law enforcing agencies and other persons as well.

Compliance audit promotes transparency by providing reliable reports as to whether funds have been administered, management exercised and citizens’ rights to due process honoured as required by the applicable authorities.

It promotes good governance both by identifying weaknesses and deviations from laws and regulations and by assessing propriety where there are insufficient or inadequate laws and regulations.

 Compliance audits