Formation of Companies

We offer Incorporation / Formation of Companies & Formation Services for different types of entities including companies, partnership firms, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) etc.. We provide various major legal and secretarial services at the pre and post incorporation stage.

Formation of Companies – Our Incorporation Service Include

1. Obtaining Director’s Identification Number (DIN) for Directors

2. In Formation of Companies Seeking availability of Name of the Company – search and name approval

3. Obtaining Digital signatures

4. Drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association

5. Support for document Notarisation, Legalisation, Attestations and Filing with Registrar of Companies.

6. Follow up with regulatory authorities till receipt of certificate of Incorporation

7. Formation of Companies Support for Bank Account & Registered Office

8. FDI related compliance

Advantages of Incorporation of a Company

Corporate Personality :- An incorporated company is a legally recognised entity that exists separately from its owners and shareholders, which is different from partnership companies.

Limited Liability :- The Companies Act provides that in event of a company being shut down, the members of the company are solely liable to contribute to the assets and liabilities of the company. However after incorporation none of its members is legally bound to contribute to anything more than the nominal value of shares held by the member which still remain unpaid.

Perpetual Succession :- Company’s existence does depend upon existence of its members and hence enjoys a perpetual succession.

CORPORATE TAX ADVANTAGE :- As the companies are taxed separately from their owners, and the corporate tax rate is generally lower than the individual tax rate, incorporation may offer some fiscal advantages.

BRAND BUILDING :- Branding consists of the name, symbol, term, sign, design or any combination of these that identify the goods and services of the company. It differentiates the Company form of organisation from others. Branding is the visual voice of the company.

Capacity to Sue :- As a separate legal entity, an incorporated company has the right to sue other people in addition to companies. In turn, it can be sued by other companies and people. However, the managing directors and other directors are not liable to be sued in the name of the company.

And much more…

 Formation of Companies