NBFC Compliances

In India, the term “non-banking financial companies” acquires a new meaning, and a huge significance. The meaning of the term is such entities which are not banks, and yet carry lending activities almost at par with banks. They may also accept deposits – however, these deposits are term deposits and not call deposits.

The significance of non-banking financial companies in India lies in the massive capabilities of NBFC’s – short of acceptance of call deposits and remittance function, NBFC’s can virtually do everything that a bank can. Compared to this disability, the ease of entry and lightness of regulation applicable to NBFC’s makes it a tremendous focus of interest, particularly for foreign investors wanting to enter India’s financial sector.

Compliance’s related to NBFC’s

  • Asset & Liability Management Advisory

Utmost vigilance should be taken on the management of  Assets and Liabilities of a Company, we need for strengthening regulatory vigil on the sector in general and on asset liability management (ALM) framework.

Our team will ensure that your NBFC gets the right advise for mobilisation of its resources and balancing on the assets and liabilities.

  • Business strategic advisory

Restructuring the business if done perfectly can be profitable or else make the company lose huge profits. Our qualified team have years of experience in restructuring various business verticals. We will ensure that you get the right strategic advice at the right time for your business operations.

  • Ensure Compliance

NBFC have to follow certain guidelines and directions issued by the relevant Regulatory Authority from time to time. These compliance can be in the form of Filing of Returns, Submission of any documents, Fulfilling criteria for Deposits, etc.

  • Legal, regulatory, accounting and taxation advisory

Once the business is set up, various legal, regulatory, accounting and taxation regulations need to be followed. With the progressive changes and updates in the existing laws, monitoring the same and smooth functioning of business operations might become difficult.

Our skilled team can provide you regular assistance and advisory services on such regulations and ensure that the records and business operations of your company is current and up-to-date.