Amendment related to LLP on terms of e-filling

It is very new to know that Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) decided to launch a
new way of e-filing for LLP on MCA21 portal on 1st February 2022. The LLP filling
form patterns is going to be completely web based. This application is proposed to
be launched on 06th Mar 2022 at 12:00 AM.
Key points of this initiative are:
 LLP e-Filings on MCA21 portal will be disabled from 25th Feb 2022 12:00 AM.
All stakeholders are advised to ensure that there are no SRNs in pending
payment status. That means no form should be left unapproved or in the
position of pending as they would be cancelled and required to be filled again
using the new portal that is to be launched.
 Offline payments for LLP using Bank Challan and Pay later option would be
stopped from 19th Feb 2022 12:00 AM. Please note that during 19th Feb
2022 12:00 AM to 25th Feb 2022 12:00 AM, payments for LLP will be
accepted only through online mode (Credit/Debit Card and Net Banking).
That means payments options are going to be fully online.
 Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) association and new user registration on
MCA21 portal will be stopped on 25th Feb 2022 12:00 AM. These services will
resume in new application with LLP launch.
 In conclusion that there will not any interruption in filling of Company forms.

This initiative purpose is to go fully online and or over to reduce the grievances
or drawbacks of the current LLP filling patterns. For verification visit