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Quick summary on Independent directors

Who is Independent Director?? Non Executive Director of the company Not get involved in routine activities of the company Must have immaterial relationship with the company Applicability of Independent Director u/s  149  of Companies  Act  2013 On listed  companies – one third of Directors  On other Public company – As per Rule 4 of Companies  […]

Related party Transactions Approval under SEBI and Companies Act 2013 ???

Related party Transactions Points to be considered: Related Party Meaning Under Companies Act, 2013 in Section 2(76) (i)a director or his relative; (ii) a KMP or his relative; (iii) a director other than an ID, or KMP of the holding company or his relative; iv) a firm, in which a director, manager or his relative […]

How and When to fill FORM DPT-3

Applicability of Form DPT-3(Return of Deposits)   every other company other than government companies have to file a return of outstanding receipt of money or loan which is outstanding on 31st March every year As per rules 16 of Companies (Acceptance of Deposit) Rules, 2019; The Rules provided an explanation “The Form DPT-3 shall be used for filing return […]